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OUT NOW on Gomma Records "JUNIOR & BAUMON" | 2015
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Gomma Press Texting: 'First single of Gomma’s Pop Futuro compilation. Including songs / remixes by Daniel Avery, Moullinex, Hot Chip, Metronomy and others. The lead single is a song by JUNIOR & BAUMON. Don’t listen much. A beautiful 3 minute pearl of an electronic song. Featuring the brilliant voice of American songwriter Ian Fisher. The extended version of the song has been out already some months ago and had over 500.000 plays on SC and Youtube. Now we release the original, main short version of the song as an appetizer to the compilation. The song is: brillant.'

JUNIOR & BAUMON Marching Band | May 30 2015

Testing first live performance at outdoor fashion show "Loufmeter", Berne.

BAUMON FAVRE jukebox I 2015
This is a fun thing. Its a Live Disco Duo. We create and perform music right in the moment. No preparation. Handmade (Four Hands). Florian Favre on the Rhodes, Baumon on the drums. Mostly Easylistening and Dance Music.  

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Recorded live (no cuts, no edits) on March 2015 at BHM. Every-thing on this record is freely improvised. There were no rehear-sals or preparations in advance. We build our concept on a participation with our audience.

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